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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Student Support Assistant (OHI 1:1)09/21/2021Educational AssistantDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
Spanish Teacher09/21/2021TeacherSEXTONApply
2nd Grade Teacher09/21/2021TeacherCUMBERLANDApply
Pupil Accounting and Enrollment Specialist09/21/2021Specialist/Group LeaderPACEApply
Math/Health Teacher09/21/2021TeacherEASTERN HIGH SCHOOLApply
Science Teacher - Chemistry/Physics09/20/2021TeacherEVERETT HIGH SCHOOLApply
Social Studies Teacher09/20/2021TeacherEVERETT HIGH SCHOOLApply
Student Support Specialist Everett09/18/2021TeacherEVERETT HIGH SCHOOLApply
Math Teacher09/18/2021TeacherSEXTONApply
Kindergarten Teacher09/18/2021TeacherAVERILLApply
Instructional Assistant (ASD)09/18/2021Educational AssistantCUMBERLANDApply
Instructional Assistant09/18/2021Educational AssistantPATTENGILLApply
Instructional Assistant (2 openings)09/18/2021Educational AssistantPATTENGILLApply
eSports Coach09/18/2021CoachingEASTERN HIGH SCHOOLApply
School Social Worker09/18/2021TeacherDEPT NOT DESIGNATEDApply
Special Education Assistant (ASD)09/18/2021Educational AssistantREOApply
Principal - Gardner (K-8)09/17/2021PrincipalGARDNERApply
Level 5 - Secretary (44 weeks) Wexford09/16/2021SecretaryWEXFORDApply
Level 5 - Secretary (52 weeks) Special Education Department09/16/2021SecretarySPECIAL EDUCATIONApply
Level 4 Secretary- Records Clerk (52 weeks) Special Education Department09/16/2021SecretarySPECIAL EDUCATIONApply
Level 3 Attendance Secretary (42 weeks) Pattengill09/16/2021SecretaryPATTENGILLApply
Lunch Assistant (2 openings)09/16/2021Lunch AssistantPATTENGILLApply
Level 4 - Secretary -46 weeks Office of School Culture (Supporting the Nurse)09/16/2021SecretaryWAINWRIGHTApply
Special Education Teacher__MICI09/16/2021TeacherSEXTONApply
Special Education Teacher__MICI09/16/2021TeacherDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
Special Education Teacher__ASD09/16/2021TeacherREOApply
Special Education Teacher__ASD09/16/2021TeacherCUMBERLANDApply
Special Education Teacher__Resource Room09/16/2021TeacherWOODCREEK MONTESSORIApply
Special Education Teacher__Resource Room09/16/2021TeacherGARDNERApply
Secretary- Records Clerk, Level 4 (52 weeks) Capital Area K-1209/16/2021SecretaryWAINWRIGHTApply
Special Education Teacher__Resource Room09/16/2021TeacherEVERETT HIGH SCHOOLApply
Special Education Teacher__Resource Room09/16/2021TeacherEASTERN HIGH SCHOOLApply
Lunch Assistant (3 openings)09/16/2021Lunch AssistantSEXTONApply
Medical Assistant09/15/2021Educational AssistantMultiple LocationsApply
Literacy Teacher09/14/2021TeacherGARDNERApply
Science Teacher - Chemistry/Physics09/14/2021TeacherEASTERN HIGH SCHOOLApply
2nd Grade Teacher09/14/2021TeacherPATTENGILLApply
5th Grade Teacher09/14/2021TeacherGARDNERApply
6th Grade Teacher09/14/2021TeacherSHERIDAN RDApply
Secondary Elective Teacher09/13/2021TeacherEASTERN HIGH SCHOOLApply
Student Support Specialist09/12/2021TeacherGARDNERApply
Substitute School Nurse09/10/2021SubstituteUNDETERMINEDApply
Level 5 - Secretary (42 weeks)09/09/2021SecretaryWAINWRIGHTApply
Lunch Assistant09/07/2021Lunch AssistantDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
4th Grade Teacher09/07/2021TeacherDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
3rd Grade Teacher09/07/2021TeacherDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
6th Grade Teacher09/07/2021TeacherDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
8th Grade Teacher09/07/2021TeacherDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
7th Grade Teacher09/07/2021TeacherDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply
Student Support Specialist09/07/2021Specialist/Group LeaderDWIGHT RICH SCH ARTSApply